‘art is something that makes you breathe with a different kind of happiness’

Anni Albers

Soul Sofa – Multi-Arts Journeys to transform your relationship with yourself and the world.

Next full day event – October 2019

What is it?

A one day retreat to discover the power of the Arts & the creative process in supporting how you perceive the parts of yourself that need a voice.

A safe space for you to welcome yourself into the creative process and show up for your inner voice.

An opportunity to reconnect with yourself

An introduction to multiple arts mediums through expertly guided workshops to see what resonates with you

What’s the aim?

To find possible ways we can help ourselves to–

  • Self-regulate
  • Process our experiences
  • Gain perspective
  • Make friends with our minds
  • Feel at home in our bodies
  • Hold (not fear) memories
  • Experience the world as a safe and soft place
  • Reclaim our creative spirit
  • Take self-responsibility for our wellbeing

Why do we need to do that?

When we sit with ourselves through the art we allow ourselves to reveal our point of view to the world. We do not see things as they are; we see them as we are.

Underpinning mental health is the meeting of basic personal growth needs and the opportunity for transparent expression. In our families we learned ways to survive based on our parents’ / carer’s beliefs. We are not our beliefs. We are people practising those beliefs until we decide they no longer serve us.

Find the courage to speak outside of the characters you played.

Use every creative opportunity to rehearse the possible and embrace the catharsis.

Sometimes there is much to be ‘said’ through the art before the words come and action can follow.

Art is an act of loving observation, ‘it has the power to render sorrow beautiful, make loneliness a shared experience and transform despair into hope. It has the ability to capture our pain and deliver us from it at the same time.’ Brene Brown

Who is it for?

If you can stay curious when you ask yourself –

How do I engage in the world?

How can I improve that?

What do I need to know about myself or accept about myself, before I can make any changes?

Am I willing to explore who I am?

Am I willing to grow?

Can I express feelings, thoughts, ideas, conflicts, confusions, insights?

Can I explore my need to be valued, witnessed & celebrated?

What would it mean for me to do that?

Can I see the whole picture?

Can I sit with the detail?

Intrigued? Then it’s for you.

‘In each of us there is another whom we do not know.’ Carl Jung

What do you get?

Intention Setting Opening Circle

4 x 90 minute workshops

Opportunity to contribute to the communal canvas

Closing Circle

What’s the word on the street?

When is the next one?

Details coming soon for October 2019

Tickets on sale from July 2019

Soul Sofa Doodle Cafe launching during Creativity & Wellbeing Week June 10th-16th 2019