A mindful way in to connecting with your natural, creative flow, and self-acceptance.

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The Doodle Cafe is an opportunity to engage in guided, mindful doodling: An experiential workshop to reduce stress, connect with the breath and the present moment, discover your own natural creativity and reset your focus. It’s time out from your busy head.

Connecting with the breath is the simplest way to reconnect with your body. We spend a lot of time in our heads, over-thinking and trying to keep up with the pace of life and technology. We can also spend a lot of time avoiding how we feel. But in the end it can catch up with us through stress or illness.

Focusing our attention on something simple and absorbing allows us space to breathe and reflect. We can’t know what’s blocking or troubling us unless we take some time to do that.

Learn simple, fun ways into feeling grounded and more positive, nurturing self-acceptance and finding safe ways into some creative inner exploration.

Doodling is the gateway. Fears about drawing usually centre around perceived level of artistic skill. Doodling bypasses this. A doodle just is what it is. No expectations. Be free, be expressive, have fun

Learn skills and techniques to overcome any resistance you may have about being creative or facing the unknown. We can honour every mark we make. Taking risks helps build your resilience.

The workshop is therapeutic but does not require you to share any personal details. We can let the art hold that for us. 

The intention is deep but the method is light.

Build your self-help #soothekit and embrace your own wellbeing.

The Doodle Cafe can also be developed through an interactive, collaborative Doodle installation that promotes mindful contribution to a whole, tolerance, acceptance, community awareness and boundaries. It promotes a focus of enhancing and expanding, as an antidote to controlling / diminishing / undermining energies within a social space.

Full programme for community launching in September 2019 at local cafes, art spaces and GP surgeries in Brighton & Hove.

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