Delicate teachings from Buddhafield 2019…

Energy Capture of the Process
Mindful Drawings & Intuitive Channeling by Vikki Parker

Seeing through, Seeing through, Seeing through to the heart and the light

Seeing through, Seeing through, Seeing through to the heart and the light

Souls Reunite, Seeing through, Seeing through

Channeled Mantra received in the days following…….. x

It is with a full heart and trust in the goodness of people that I write this year’s reflections on the sacred field. A theme of Evolution vs Extinction, so poignant for our time to gather collective energy to inspire conscious action, awaited the souls of the Ritual Team. A time to turn inwards and embrace the personal significance of its essence, to transform, transmute and create a spectacle for the waiting crowd. A crowd searching for answers, within and without. How would we explore this with compassion? How would we use our vast cauldron of skills to inspire through movement, song, narrative and heart? How would we plant seeds in each individual to integrate their festival experience and their inner journeys? How would we place a gentle mark on their hearts with our sacred offering? How would we be changed and transformed ourselves through the deep process. A process so sufficient and delicious that we were our own, organic workshop, so intensely entwined with each other and our own processes, that rest and space and allowing the washing over the soul with the music of the festival was all I could receive. So many opportunities for others not in our process to find what they needed from the delicious menu of offerings in tents (intense). So much gratitude for the Ritual Team experience. A group of committed creatives, calling in the depth, treasuring the awareness, embracing the teachings of collaboration and holding each other in the highest beautiful regard. I honour you, my fellow soul explorers. And so here begins the story of my journey…. a personal honouring of the places in me that blossomed… in the sacred spaces…… x

And so…..

Here I am, a different being than last year. On an evolving journey within myself. A gatherer of wisdom, a softening into more feminine process, an allowing of more space to breathe through.

In this past year I have embraced my ability to approach with a light touch, let things be as they are, and tried to soften my expectations. I have given my heart to my art and experienced a depth to my creative process that has been aching to reveal itself. My experience at Buddhafield last year inspired a revolution within to hold sacred space and ritualise my approach. My journey in honouring my drawing and channeling healing light code doodles has connected me to something that I thought was elusive. I brought myself into grounded being with my intuition then free to engage. My legacy from a year of healing has been that I showed up to the festival this year with an open heart and a willingness to listen. My own journey with my sacral energy reawakened. I realised that without sacral connection with my art, with myself and with others, intimate or otherwise, this life is muted. I have been frozen in places for a long time. I have not trusted. I have struggled with boundaries. I have chosen the safety of abstinence and celibacy to reclaim my body, my energy, my rights, my autonomy, and now I have begun to awaken. The walls…… oh the walls of resistance….. have come tumbling, but not by force….. by gentleness with self, by kindness, by acknowledgement of my profound need to energetically prepare to receive on many levels. My patience with myself has been the key. And the suggestion to drop all stories around what would need to be in place for me to be happy to open up. Thankyou wise sages. Let go of them into the air….. to sing quietly away on the breeze…. as I allowed, I surrendered, I called it in, without expectation. I trusted that what I needed would come. And it did.

I committed wholeheartedly to our ritual process, I reconnected with my Reiki practice in silent clearing rituals and the importance of setting an intention in the ritual performance and rehearsal spaces. I was triggered by others and I did not run away. There was immense healing and shifting within our group. There was space to learn how to step back. There was space to engage in the festival itself. And there was space to release playfulness, softness, warmth, pure sisterhood. What a delicious delight to welcome deep pagan energy to the process. How it reignites my practice. How glorious is the feminine? How deeply nourishing is the acceptance of that energy and the experiencing of the masculine too? How abundant to call in the participants who gave their time to contribute to the ritual. How blessed were we all to celebrate life together?

From the first moment of collaboration, the days of adjustment and creative flow, the holding space to call on the elements of the East in the Opening ceremony, flying together connections in performance and a magical closure of the gates of our sacred experience, I was transported, timeless, suspended in joy and in love with it all. A joy extended by meetings with beloved friends dotted about the site, amazing food, the magic of moonlight teeth-cleaning and the sparkly nature of the festival tents 🙂

As a core theme we weaved the web of interconnectedness, delicately exploring the tangled nature of unconscious behaviour, the role of tie-cutting, the symbolism of mankind trapped in a weaving of their own making and the universal truth that we are not separate. When we hurt another we hurt ourselves. We developed and represented the intensity of the role of tech in modern life, the swipe right discarding culture and the irony that in a time of expanded possibility to connect we are rendered bound to a smaller space, unable to move, unable to stretch the wings of our souls, watching life unfold through screens as our eyes yearn for the natural gaze of awe and wonder.

And then there was you, beautiful being, you know who you are. A manifestation called in across aeons of time, space, culture, lifetimes. A suspending of all labels, old stories and fears. A meeting… a sacred embrace, a stopping of time, a melting away of resistance, a heart explosion, souls reunited, a wonderful surprise, an unexpected bond. In this liminal space, in this sacred field, in the aftermath of deep journeying, there you were. Present. Responding to my gentle, persistent call. I offered my hand and you took it. I offered space to discover you and me. It was already enough for my journey. It was already a brave step I took. And then you held me. And I was changed. My nervous system reset. I found a home to breathe deeply in the close presence of another. Intimacy has so many levels. All to be cherished. Magical you, on your own journey, with your own story. There we were, meeting in this time and space, allowing what we needed, in the silent depth, and letting it go. No time for explanations or untangling of personal experience there in the energy. Only time to savour. And then off into the horizon, trusting that there is always a meaning, that the field inspires curious moments and that it is all well and as it should be. You have my awe and a piece of my heart and I will be forever grateful. x

As for the Ritual Team! I have a well of love for you all. How astonishingly deep we went. How healing. How transformational. What journeys we had. Never to be forgotten, only to be built on. Kevala, Natalia, Sara, Gayle, Jodie, Alba, Keith, Alex, Sahajo, Justina – Soul Family x

If our invitation through the ritual was to dissolve constructs and barriers within and without and enable conscious connection, we so did that. The unexpected flooding of the ritual space during the performance, with hundreds of people, joyous dancing and heart connection, was so precious. And your collective response to calm, to staying with us as we held the final scene, was overwhelmingly special. So much gratitude for the honour you showed us all, thankyou Buddhafield peeps. We must have energetically given permission for you to join us. Our intention was conscious connection. You brought it to us. My personal journey was completely flooded with a connection to inner self and the land and spilled over into interpersonal magic. Sometimes it takes a huge experience, in a safe space, over many days, with others who want the same thing for humanity, to bring us to the edge of our selves, to crack open our wounds and bathe them in love.

When we are seen by others who honour us, we can blossom.

When we allow ourselves to go to the raw places and be held, we are transformed.

When we reach out, with vulnerability, and a hand or heart catches us, we are changed forever.

Sacred Embrace
Mindful Drawing & Intuitive Channeling by Vikki Parker

The legacy of this festival was also the birthing of a song. A song channeled through us. A song with a destiny to go viral and evolve around campfires, like the old ways. Nothing extinct about that….

The web is a constantly changing

When one thread is broken

Another one is woven

An evolution of the spirit happened for all of us.

An evolution of the quality of attention we need to offer ourselves first, to be overflowing with offerings for others and the earth.

An evolution of thought and approach to our planet’s situation and an invitation to release the attachment to a narrative of fear and apocolyptic thinking.

When I asked the earth how she felt, she told me she couldn’t breathe and my heart bled.

When I asked for help from fellow beings, to be present, to remain calm, to come from a place of hope…. I felt the inner yes from the masses.

Let us transfer the merits of our practice to the world.

One breath, one person, one interaction, one connection at a time.

So mote it be.

Gaia is waiting x

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