‘at its essence, art is an alchemical process, alchemy is a process of transformation’

Julia Cameron

Artist in the Audience – A bespoke, magical, creative option to capture the transformational vibe of your event.

Created at Inspiring Talks Brighton
March 2019

Why do I do it?

Drawing & painting keep me grounded in the moment. They allow me to tune into how I feel and process what my natural empathic, clairsentient abilities pick up from people and situations. It’s something I’ve done all my life to stay present and manage my dissociation.

Within that process I have discovered gold.

What began as a coping mechanism, now allows me to channel the energy of a situation and bring that observation to the eyes of others, so that they may deepen their experience.

As a radical seeker of truth I make the unseen visible.

What is it?

As the Artist in the Audience I capture levels of innate, intuitive understanding about the magical moments being experienced at your event and bring those moments into the light, providing opportunity to reflect, connect and deepen the wisdom of personal growth.

I work in the moment creating artwork in response to the vibe at your event.

I work in pencil to create ethereal uberdoodles, or acrylic on canvas

I capture magical keepsakes for you to plant seeds for your own healing, moving forward.

This resonates with you because you are…

A conscious, emotionally aware event facilitator

Connected to your own understanding of your inner work

Committed to the deep inner shift potential of your participants through your work

Inspired by creative process and appreciate the golden opportunities that the arts bring to deepen the connection to your already profound work.

Why would it work for your event?

See beyond the photography

Create keepsakes for you and your participants

Perfect for ‘documenting’ workshops & retreats where anonymity is needed

You want something unique and memorable that sets you apart from other events

What do others say about it?

BelongCon Brighton, March 26th 2019

‘I love this’

Sophie Jane Turton – BelongCon Blog Editor

‘Beautiful, exquisite, Vikki, Wow!

Helena Clayton. Speaker st BelongCon

‘A need to capture the intensity and vulnerability of heart-centred sharing. A delicacy… A containment of the depth of wisdom… In a digestible form. A graceful capturing of brokenness into wholeness…. A rawness, harnessed.. marks made in honour of bravery … Gratitude for those who enter the space of visibility, their hearts on the line and their hopes weaving a melody through the ethereal uberdoodle ‘

Note from the artist 🙂
Breakthrough’ – Acrylic on Canvas A3
Painted at Entrepreneurial Leaders Live, Brighton.
June 2018

Experience the videoed vibe of the day here and compare it to the painting … Do you think it captures the beautiful, positive, inner growth energy?

‘Vikki was the Artist in the Audience at my first annual conference – ‘Entrepreneurial Leaders Live.’ She added such a unique element to the day and contributed to the electric high vibe atmosphere. Vikki captured the essence of the event perfectly. She sat in the audience for the whole day and the painting came together beautifully. It was a great talking point for the audience and the finished product was not only something I could enjoy, but the attendees too. If you are looking for a different way to capture the energy and memories from your live event, book Vikki.’

Helen Packham. Business & Leadership Coach

Bespoke Packages Can Include:

License to use the created artwork as a digital image for your event / business

Option to purchase Fine Art Giclee prints of the artwork in a range of sizes.

Option to purchase the original artwork.

Gifts for your event participants using the printed artwork

All artwork is created at your event.

Prints, printed gifts & digital images are all created after your event within an agreed timescale.

Terms & Conditions apply with regards to copyright of all artwork created by Vikki Parker.

To discuss how to incorporate Artist in the Audience at your event please email Vikki at artywisdom@vikkiparker.com